Stdlib.Ephemeron.3o - Man Page

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Module   Stdlib.Ephemeron


Module Ephemeron
: (module Stdlib__Ephemeron)

module type S = sig end

The output signature of the functors Ephemeron.K1.Make and Ephemeron.K2.Make . These hash tables are weak in the keys. If all the keys of a binding are alive the binding is kept, but if one of the keys of the binding is dead then the binding is removed.

module type SeededS = sig end

The output signature of the functors Ephemeron.K1.MakeSeeded and Ephemeron.K2.MakeSeeded .

module K1 : sig end

Ephemerons with one key.

module K2 : sig end

Ephemerons with two keys.

module Kn : sig end

Ephemerons with arbitrary number of keys of the same type.

module GenHashTable : sig end

Hash tables on generic containers with notion of death and aliveness.


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