Sound_Sample - Man Page

Represents sound data in the process of being decoded.


#include <SDL_sound.h>

Data Fields

void * opaque
const Sound_DecoderInfo * decoder
Sound_AudioInfo desired
Sound_AudioInfo actual
void * buffer
Uint32 buffer_size
Sound_SampleFlags flags

Detailed Description

Represents sound data in the process of being decoded.

The Sound_Sample structure is the heart of SDL_sound. This holds information about a source of sound data as it is being decoded. EVERY FIELD IN THIS IS READ-ONLY. Please use the API functions to change them.

Field Documentation

Sound_AudioInfo Sound_Sample::actual

Actual audio format of sample.

void* Sound_Sample::buffer

Decoded sound data lands in here.

Uint32 Sound_Sample::buffer_size

Current size of (buffer), in bytes (Uint8).

const Sound_DecoderInfo* Sound_Sample::decoder

Decoder used for this sample.

Sound_AudioInfo Sound_Sample::desired

Desired audio format for conversion.

Sound_SampleFlags Sound_Sample::flags

Flags relating to this sample.

void* Sound_Sample::opaque

Internal use only. Don't touch.


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