Sound_DecoderInfo - Man Page

Information about available soudn decoders.


#include <SDL_sound.h>

Data Fields

const char ** extensions
const char * description
const char * author
const char * url

Detailed Description

Information about available soudn decoders.

Each decoder sets up one of these structs, which can be retrieved via the Sound_AvailableDecoders() function. EVERY FIELD IN THIS IS READ-ONLY.

The extensions field is a NULL-terminated list of ASCIZ strings. You should read it like this:

const char **ext;
for (ext = info->extensions; *ext != NULL; ext++) {
    printf("   File extension \"%s\"\n", *ext);
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Field Documentation

const char* Sound_DecoderInfo::author

const char* Sound_DecoderInfo::description

Human readable description of decoder.

const char** Sound_DecoderInfo::extensions

File extensions, list ends with NULL.

const char* Sound_DecoderInfo::url

URL specific to this decoder.


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The man pages Sound_DecoderInfo::author(3), Sound_DecoderInfo::description(3), Sound_DecoderInfo::extensions(3) and Sound_DecoderInfo::url(3) are aliases of Sound_DecoderInfo(3).

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