SoXtMouse.3iv - Man Page

translates and reports events for the mouse

Inherits from

SoXtDevice > SoXtMouse


#include <Inventor/Xt/devices/SoXtMouse.h>

   (ButtonPressMask | ButtonReleaseMask |
    PointerMotionMask | ButtonMotionMask)

Methods from class SoXtMouse:

SoXtMouse(EventMask mask = SO_XT_ALL_MOUSE_EVENTS)


Methods from class SoXtDevice:

virtual void enable(Widget w, XtEventHandler f, XtPointer data, Window win = NULL)

virtual void disable(Widget w, XtEventHandler f, XtPointer data)

virtual const SoEvent * translateEvent(XAnyEvent *xevent)

void setWindowSize(const SbVec2s &size)

const SbVec2s & getWindowSize() const


This class manages events generated by the mouse, including mouse motion (SoLocation2Event), and mouse button press and release events (SoMouseButtonEvent).


SoXtMouse(EventMask mask = SO_XT_ALL_MOUSE_EVENTS)

Constructor and destructor. To the constructor, pass which mouse events you are interested in as a bitwise OR of the following values:

ButtonPressMask — Mouse press events

ButtonReleaseMask — Mouse release events

PointerMotionMask — Mouse motion with no buttons

ButtonMotionMask — Mouse motion with buttons pressed

Or simply pass the defined value SO_XT_ALL_MOUSE_EVENTS for all mouse events. The device will only report events of this type for the widget it is enabled on.

See Also

SoXtDevice, SoLocation2Event, SoMouseButtonEvent