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SoVolumeRendering - Man Page

Abstract base class for all nodes related to volume rendering.


#include <VolumeViz/nodes/SoVolumeRendering.h>

Inherits SoNode.

Inherited by SoTransferFunction, and SoVolumeData.

Public Types

enum HW_SupportStatus { NO, YES, UNKNOWN }

Public Member Functions

HW_SupportStatus isSupported (HW_Feature feature)

Static Public Member Functions

static void init (void)
static void initClass (void)
static void setReadAlternateRep (SbBool flag)
static void setWriteAlternateRep (SbBool flag)
static SbBool getReadAlternateRep (void)
static SbBool getWriteAlternateRep (void)
static void setDelayedRendering (SbBool flag)
static SbBool getDelayedRendering (void)


class SoVolumeRenderingP

Detailed Description

Abstract base class for all nodes related to volume rendering.

The sole purpose of this class is really just to initialize the volume rendering framework, and to provide a convenient method for the application programmer to make queries about the capabilities of the underlying visualization library.

This class should never have been a node class, as it has no distinguishing features in that regard. We duplicate this design flaw for the sake of being compatible with code written for the TGS VolumeViz extension library.

Member Function Documentation

void SoVolumeRendering::init (void) [static]

Does all necessary class initializations of the volume rendering system.

Application programmers must call this method explicitly at the start of the application, before any volume rendering nodes are made. It must be invoked after SoXt::init() / SoQt::init() / SoWin::init(), though.

References initClass().

void SoVolumeRendering::initClass (void) [static]

Sets up initialization for data common to all instances of this class, like submitting necessary information to the type system.

Referenced by init().

void SoVolumeRendering::setReadAlternateRep (SbBool flag) [static]

If this flag is set, alternate representation for SIM Voleon nodes will be imported and used in the scene graph, if they are present in the import file.

If the flag is FALSE, alternate representations will be discarded upon import.

Default value is FALSE.


SIM Voleon 2.0

void SoVolumeRendering::setWriteAlternateRep (SbBool flag) [static]

If this flag is set, some of the SIM Voleon nodes will write themselves (upon SoWriteAction traversal) as an alternative representation in the form of only core Coin nodes -- typically as textures (SoTexture2 / SoTexture3) and facesets (e.g. SoIndexedFaceSet).

If the flag is FALSE, the node will write itself as is common, i.e. only as itself, with its own fields.

Default value is FALSE.


SIM Voleon 2.0

SbBool SoVolumeRendering::getReadAlternateRep (void) [static]

Returns value of the 'read as alternative representation' flag.

See also



SIM Voleon 2.0

SbBool SoVolumeRendering::getWriteAlternateRep (void) [static]

Returns value of the 'write as alternative representation' flag.

See also



SIM Voleon 2.0

void SoVolumeRendering::setDelayedRendering (SbBool flag) [static]

When set to TRUE, this will cause all geometry from the volume render nodes to be rendered as if they are all (partly) transparent.

This makes it more likely that other geometry in the scene graph which is further away from the camera than the volume(s) will be rendered correctly. When FALSE, there is the chance that other geometry will be occluded by even fully transparent parts of the volume(s).

Default value is FALSE.

Important implementation note: this flag is as of yet ignored in SIM Voleon, and is currently only present for compatibility reasons. SIM Voleon always renders geometry as if it is transparent, even if this flag is FALSE.


SIM Voleon 2.0

SbBool SoVolumeRendering::getDelayedRendering (void) [static]

Returns value of the flag indicating whether or not to always to delayed rendering of geometry used for visualizing the volume(s).


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