SoVectorOutput.3coin3 - Man Page

The SoVectorOutput class is used for setting vector output file.


#include <HardCopy/SoVectorOutput.h>

Inherited by SoPSVectorOutput.

Public Member Functions

SoVectorOutput (void)
virtual ~SoVectorOutput ()
virtual SbBool openFile (const char *filename)
virtual void closeFile (void)
FILE * getFilePointer (void)

Detailed Description

The SoVectorOutput class is used for setting vector output file.

SoVectorizeAction will create an SoVectorOutput which will output to stdout by default. SoVectorizeAction::getOutput() can be used to fetch this output, and the user will probably want to set a file to output to.


Coin 2.1

TGS provides HardCopy support as a separate extension for TGS Inventor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoVectorOutput::SoVectorOutput (void)

Constructor. Will make this instance output to stdout.

SoVectorOutput::~SoVectorOutput () [virtual]

Destructor. Will close the file opened in openFile().

Member Function Documentation

SbBool SoVectorOutput::openFile (const char * filename) [virtual]

Opens filename for output. Returns FALSE if file could not be opened for writing. If the file already exists, it will be truncated.

void SoVectorOutput::closeFile (void) [virtual]

Closes the file opened in openFile()

FILE * SoVectorOutput::getFilePointer (void)

Returns the stdio file handle pointer.


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