SoTranReceiver.3iv - Man Page

interprets database changes for transcription

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#include <Inventor/misc/SoTranscribe.h>

Methods from class SoTranReceiver:

SoTranReceiver(SoGroup *rootNode)


SbBool interpret(SoInput *in)


This class is used for transcribing Inventor data. Transcription is the process of packaging changes to a database and sending them over a "wire" to another database.

The SoTranReceiver class is used on the receiving side of transcription. It interprets changes to a Inventor database packaged up by an SoTranSender.


SoTranReceiver(SoGroup *rootNode)
The constructor takes a pointer to an SoGroup instance that is the root node of the scene graph on the receiving end. All changes to the database are made relative to this root.


SbBool interpret(SoInput *in)
Interprets the transcription commands found in the given input stream. Returns FALSE on any error. Note: some errors (such as invalid node references) are recoverable, while others (such as syntax errors) are not.

See Also

SoInput, SoTranSender