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#include <Inventor/caches/SoTextureCoordinateCache.h>

Inherits SoCache.

Public Member Functions

SoTextureCoordinateCache (SoState *const state)
virtual ~SoTextureCoordinateCache ()
void generate (const SbBox3f &bbox, const SbVec3f *vertices, const int numvertices)
const SbVec2f * get (void) const
int getNum (void) const

Public Member Functions inherited from SoCache
SoCache (SoState *const state)
void ref (void)
void unref (SoState *state=NULL)
void addElement (const SoElement *const elem)
virtual void addCacheDependency (const SoState *state, SoCache *cache)
virtual SbBool isValid (const SoState *state) const
const SoElement * getInvalidElement (const SoState *const state) const
void invalidate (void)

Additional Inherited Members

Protected Member Functions inherited from SoCache

virtual void destroy (SoState *state)
virtual ~SoCache ()

Detailed Description

The SoTextureCoordinateClass is used to cache generated texture coordinates.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoTextureCoordinateCache::SoTextureCoordinateCache (SoState *const state)


SoTextureCoordinateCache::~SoTextureCoordinateCache () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void SoTextureCoordinateCache::generate (const SbBox3f & bbox, const SbVec3f * vertices, const int numvertices)

Generates texture coordinates based on the bounding box of the geometry. This is usually called default texture coordinates in OIV.

const SbVec2f * SoTextureCoordinateCache::get (void) const

Returns the generated texture coordinates.

int SoTextureCoordinateCache::getNum (void) const

Returns the number of generated texture coordinates.


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