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The SoPickedPointList class is a container for pointers to SoPickedPoint objects.


#include <Inventor/lists/SoPickedPointList.h>

Inherits SbPList.

Public Member Functions

SoPickedPointList (void)
SoPickedPointList (const int sizehint)
SoPickedPointList (const SoPickedPointList &l)
void append (SoPickedPoint *pp)
void insert (SoPickedPoint *pp, const int insertbefore)
SoPickedPoint * operator[] (const int idx) const
void truncate (const int start, const int fit=0)
void set (const int idx, SoPickedPoint *pp)

Public Member Functions inherited from SbPList
SbPList (const int sizehint=DEFAULTSIZE)
SbPList (const SbPList &l)
~SbPList ()
void copy (const SbPList &l)
SbPList & operator= (const SbPList &l)
void fit (void)
void append (void *item)
int find (void *item) const
void insert (void *item, const int insertbefore)
void removeItem (void *item)
void remove (const int index)
void removeFast (const int index)
int getLength (void) const
void truncate (const int length, const int fit=0)
void ** getArrayPtr (const int start=0) const
void *& operator[] (const int index) const
int operator== (const SbPList &l) const
int operator!= (const SbPList &l) const
void * get (const int index) const
void set (const int index, void *item)

Additional Inherited Members

Protected Member Functions inherited from SbPList

void expand (const int size)
int getArraySize (void) const

Detailed Description

The SoPickedPointList class is a container for pointers to SoPickedPoint objects.

This list class will delete the picked points when destructed/truncated, or when a picked point in the list is replaced by another picked point The caller is responsible for allocating the picked points passed to the list, but should not deallocate them since this will be handled by the list.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoPickedPointList::SoPickedPointList (void) [inline]

Default constructor.

SoPickedPointList::SoPickedPointList (const int sizehint) [inline]

This constructor initializes the internal allocated size for the list to sizehint. Note that the list will still initially contain zero items.

See also

SbList::SbList(const int sizehint)

SoPickedPointList::SoPickedPointList (const SoPickedPointList & l)

Copy constructor. Will copy picked points, not just pointers.

See also

SbList::SbList(const SbList<Type> & l)

Member Function Documentation

SoPickedPoint * SoPickedPointList::operator[] (const int idx) const [inline]

Returns element at idx.

Will automatically expand the size of the internal array if idx is outside the current bounds of the list. The values of any additional pointers are then set to NULL.

void SoPickedPointList::truncate (const int start, const int fit = 0)

Overridden to delete truncated items.

void SoPickedPointList::set (const int idx, SoPickedPoint * pp)

Overridden to destruct the replaced item.


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