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The SoPathList class is a container for pointers to SoPath objects.


#include <Inventor/lists/SoPathList.h>

Inherits SoBaseList.

Public Member Functions

SoPathList (void)
SoPathList (const int size)
SoPathList (const SoPathList &pl)
~SoPathList ()
void append (SoPath *const path)
SoPath * operator[] (const int i) const
SoPathList & operator= (const SoPathList &pl)
int findPath (const SoPath &path) const
void sort (void)
void uniquify (void)

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The SoPathList class is a container for pointers to SoPath objects.

As this class inherits SoBaseList, referencing and dereferencing will default be done on the objects at append(), remove(), insert() etc.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoPathList::SoPathList (void)

Default constructor.

SoPathList::SoPathList (const int size)

Constructor with a hint about the number of elements the list will hold.

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SoBaseList::SoBaseList(const int)

SoPathList::SoPathList (const SoPathList & pl)

Copy constructor.

Does a shallow copy of the SoPath pointer values, but updates reference count.

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SoBaseList::SoBaseList(const SoBaseList &)

SoPathList::~SoPathList ()


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Member Function Documentation

void SoPathList::append (SoPath *const path)

Append ptr to the list.

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SoPath * SoPathList::operator[] (const int i) const

Return node pointer at index i.

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SoPathList & SoPathList::operator= (const SoPathList & pl)

Shallow copy of contents of list pl to this list.

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int SoPathList::findPath (const SoPath & path) const

Find and return index of first item equal to path.

void SoPathList::sort (void)

Sort paths in list according to how early they are run into when traversing the scene graph.

void SoPathList::uniquify (void)

Removes identical paths and paths that go through the tail of another path.

Note that this method assumes the list to be in a sorted order.

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