SoPSVectorOutput.3coin3 - Man Page

The SoPSVectorOutput class is used for writing Postscript.


#include <HardCopy/SoPSVectorOutput.h>

Inherits SoVectorOutput.

Public Member Functions

SoPSVectorOutput ()
virtual ~SoPSVectorOutput ()
void setColored (SbBool flag=TRUE)
SbBool getColored (void) const

Public Member Functions inherited from SoVectorOutput
SoVectorOutput (void)
virtual ~SoVectorOutput ()
virtual SbBool openFile (const char *filename)
virtual void closeFile (void)
FILE * getFilePointer (void)

Detailed Description

The SoPSVectorOutput class is used for writing Postscript.


Coin 2.1

TGS provides HardCopy support as a separate extension for TGS Inventor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoPSVectorOutput::SoPSVectorOutput ()


SoPSVectorOutput::~SoPSVectorOutput () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void SoPSVectorOutput::setColored (SbBool flag = TRUE)

Sets whether the geometry should be colored.

SbBool SoPSVectorOutput::getColored (void) const

Returns whether geometry is colored.


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