SoOneShot.3iv - Man Page

timer that runs for a pre-set amount of time

Inherits from

SoBase > SoFieldContainer > SoEngine > SoOneShot


#include <Inventor/engines/SoOneShot.h>

enum Flags {

SoOneShot::RETRIGGERABLE Can start over during the cycle

SoOneShot::HOLD_FINAL Output values stay high after cycle

Inputs from class SoOneShot:

SoSFTime timeIn

SoSFTime duration

SoSFTrigger trigger

SoSFBitMask flags

SoSFBool disable

Outputs from class SoOneShot:

(SoSFTime) timeOut

(SoSFBool) isActive

(SoSFFloat) ramp

Methods from class SoOneShot:


Methods from class SoEngine:

static SoType getClassTypeId()

virtual int getOutputs(SoEngineOutputList &list) const

SoEngineOutput * getOutput(const SbName &outputName) const

SbBool getOutputName(const SoEngineOutput *output, SbName &outputName) const

SoEngine * copy() const

static SoEngine * getByName(const SbName &name)

static int getByName(const SbName &name, SoEngineList &list)

Methods from class SoFieldContainer:

void setToDefaults()

SbBool hasDefaultValues() const

SbBool fieldsAreEqual(const SoFieldContainer *fc) const

void copyFieldValues(const SoFieldContainer *fc, SbBool copyConnections = FALSE)

SbBool set(const char *fieldDataString)

void get(SbString &fieldDataString)

virtual int getFields(SoFieldList &resultList) const

virtual SoField * getField(const SbName &fieldName) const

SbBool getFieldName(const SoField *field, SbName &fieldName) const

SbBool isNotifyEnabled() const

SbBool enableNotify(SbBool flag)

Methods from class SoBase:

void ref()

void unref() const

void unrefNoDelete() const

void touch()

virtual SoType getTypeId() const

SbBool isOfType(SoType type) const

virtual void setName(const SbName &name)

virtual SbName getName() const


This engine is a timer that runs for a pre-set amount of time and then stops. By default, the timeIn input is connected to the realTime global field. It can, however, by connected to any other time source.

The timer is started when the trigger input is touched. It then runs for the specified duration, and updates the timeOut output with the time that has elapsed. During that time, the ramp output is also updated. The ramp output starts at 0.0 at the beginning of the cycle, and linearly increases until it reaches 1.0 at the end of the cycle.

You can disable the timer by setting the disable input to TRUE. The output value remains 0.0 while the timer is disabled. If the timer is disabled in the middle of a cycle the output values will be set to 0.0.

The flags input contains control flags. Using the flags you can set the timer to be retriggerable in the middle of a cycle, and set the output values to stay high after the cycle has been completed. By default, these flags are not set.


SoSFTime timeIn
Running time.

SoSFTime duration
Duration of the active cycle.

SoSFTrigger trigger
Start the cycle. The trigger will be ignored if it is touched in the middle of a cycle and the RETRIGGERABLE flag is not set.

SoSFBitMask flags
Control flags.

SoSFBool disable
If TRUE, the timer is disabled.


(SoSFTime) timeOut
Elapsed time from the start.

(SoSFBool) isActive
Is TRUE during the active cycle.

(SoSFFloat) ramp
Ramps linearly from 0.0 to 1.0.



File Format/Defaults

OneShot {
duration	1
flags	()
disable	FALSE
timeIn	<current time>

See Also

SoElapsedTime, SoEngineOutput