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The SoNodeKitPath class is a path that contains only nodekit nodes.


#include <Inventor/SoNodeKitPath.h>

Inherits SoPath.

Public Member Functions

int getLength (void) const
SoNode * getTail (void) const
SoNode * getNode (const int idx) const
SoNode * getNodeFromTail (const int idx) const
void truncate (const int length)
void pop (void)
void append (SoBaseKit *childKit)
void append (const SoNodeKitPath *fromPath)
SbBool containsNode (SoBaseKit *node) const
int findFork (const SoNodeKitPath *path) const

Protected Member Functions

SoNodeKitPath (const int approxLength)
virtual ~SoNodeKitPath ()

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The SoNodeKitPath class is a path that contains only nodekit nodes.

All other nodes are hidden from the user.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoNodeKitPath::SoNodeKitPath (const int approxLength) [protected]

A constructor.

SoNodeKitPath::~SoNodeKitPath () [protected], [virtual]

The destructor.

Member Function Documentation

int SoNodeKitPath::getLength (void) const

Returns the length of the path (the number of nodekit nodes).

SoNode * SoNodeKitPath::getTail (void) const

Returns the tail of the path (the last nodekit in the path).

SoNode * SoNodeKitPath::getNode (const int idx) const

Returns nodekit number idx in path.

SoNode * SoNodeKitPath::getNodeFromTail (const int idx) const

Returns nodekit number idx in the path, from the tail.

void SoNodeKitPath::truncate (const int length)

Truncates the path at nodekit number length.

void SoNodeKitPath::pop (void)

Pops off the last nodekit (truncates at last tail).

void SoNodeKitPath::append (SoBaseKit * childKit)

Appends childKit to the path. childKit should be a part in the tail nodekit of this path. In effect, the path from the tail to first occurrance of childKit will be appended to the path.

void SoNodeKitPath::append (const SoNodeKitPath * fromPath)

Appends the nodekit path to this path. Head of fromPath must be a part in the current tail.

SbBool SoNodeKitPath::containsNode (SoBaseKit * node) const

Returns TRUE if node is in this path.

int SoNodeKitPath::findFork (const SoNodeKitPath * path) const

Returns the index of last common nodekit, or -1 if head node differs.


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