SoIntersectingPrimitive.3coin3 man page

SoIntersectingPrimitive — Struct with collision information.


#include <Inventor/collision/SoIntersectionDetectionAction.h>

Public Types

enum PrimitiveType { SEGMENT = 2, LINE_SEGMENT = 2, TRIANGLE = 3 }

Public Attributes

SoPath * path

enum SoIntersectingPrimitive::PrimitiveType type

SbVec3f vertex [3]

SbVec3f xf_vertex [3]

Detailed Description

Struct with collision information.

This struct is passed to the collision callback registered by the application programmer. It contains information about which primitives are intersecting each other.


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Referenced By

SoIntersectingPrimitive.3coin2(3) is an alias of SoIntersectingPrimitive.3coin3(3).

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