SoInteraction.3iv - Man Page

initializes Inventor interaction classes

Inherits from



#include <Inventor/SoInteraction.h>

Methods from class SoInteraction:

static void init()


SoInteraction consists of one static function which initializes all Inventor interaction classes, as well as nodekits and the database. Note that SoInteraction::init()  is already called by SoXt::init().  


static void init()
This calls SoDB::init() and SoNodeKit::init(),  calls initClasses() on SoDragger, and calls initClass() on the following classes: SoAntiSquish, SoBoxHighlightRenderAction, SoCenterballManip, SoDirectionalLightManip, SoHandleBoxManip, SoInteractionKit, SoJackManip, SoLineHighlightRenderAction, SoPointLightManip, SoSelection, SoSpotLightManip, SoSurroundScale, SoTabBoxManip, SoTrackballManip, SoTransformBoxManip, and SoTransformManip.

See Also

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