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The SoGLRenderCache class is used to cache OpenGL calls.


#include <Inventor/caches/SoGLRenderCache.h>

Inherits SoCache.

Public Member Functions

SoGLRenderCache (SoState *state)
virtual ~SoGLRenderCache ()
void open (SoState *state)
void close (void)
void call (SoState *state)
int getCacheContext (void) const
virtual SbBool isValid (const SoState *state) const
virtual void addNestedCache (SoGLDisplayList *child)
SoGLLazyElement::GLState * getPreLazyState (void)
SoGLLazyElement::GLState * getPostLazyState (void)

Public Member Functions inherited from SoCache
SoCache (SoState *const state)
void ref (void)
void unref (SoState *state=NULL)
void addElement (const SoElement *const elem)
virtual void addCacheDependency (const SoState *state, SoCache *cache)
const SoElement * getInvalidElement (const SoState *const state) const
void invalidate (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void destroy (SoState *state)

Protected Member Functions inherited from SoCache
virtual ~SoCache ()

Detailed Description

The SoGLRenderCache class is used to cache OpenGL calls.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SoGLRenderCache::SoGLRenderCache (SoState * state)

Constructor with state being the current state.

SoGLRenderCache::~SoGLRenderCache () [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

void SoGLRenderCache::open (SoState * state)

Opens the cache. All GL calls will be cached until close() is called.

See also



void SoGLRenderCache::close (void)

Closes the cache. Should be called after all GL calls.

See also


void SoGLRenderCache::call (SoState * state)

Executes the cached display list.

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int SoGLRenderCache::getCacheContext (void) const

Returns the cache context of this cache. This is used to quickly determine if cache can be used for a state.

This method is an extension versus the Open Inventor API.

SbBool SoGLRenderCache::isValid (const SoState * state) const [virtual]

Return TRUE if this cache is valid, FALSE otherwise.

Reimplemented from SoCache.

void SoGLRenderCache::addNestedCache (SoGLDisplayList * child) [virtual]

Adds a display list which is called from this cache. This is to make sure the child display list isn't destroyed too early.

void SoGLRenderCache::destroy (SoState * state) [protected], [virtual]

Can be overridden by subclasses to clean up before they are deleted. Default method does nothing.

Reimplemented from SoCache.


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