SendThread man page



Inherits omni_thread.

Public Member Functions

SendThread (ToolList *toolList)
void startThread ()
void stopThread ()

Protected Member Functions

void * run_undetached (void *arg)
~SendThread ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SendThread::SendThread (ToolList * toolList) [explicit]

Creates a SendThread. The thread can be started with runThread(). Use stopThread() to stop and delete the thread.


toolList. The toolList that the thread will work on.

SendThread::~SendThread () [protected]

Destructor of function. Stops the thread if still running. This function should not be called directly. The object is implicitly deleted by the orb when join() is called. The orb must exist to make this work.

Member Function Documentation

void* SendThread::run_undetached (void * arg) [protected]

Main function of thread Contains main loop of thread, which has to end if runSendThread is set to false

void SendThread::startThread ()

Start the thread

void SendThread::stopThread ()

Stops the thread. Waits for the thread to terminate properly. Deletes the threadobject if the orb is running. A missing orb results in memory leaks.


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