ScXMLObject.3coin3 - Man Page

Base class for all SCXML objects.


#include <Inventor/scxml/ScXMLObject.h>

Inherited by ScXMLEvent, ScXMLInvoke, and ScXMLStateMachine.

Public Member Functions

virtual SoType getTypeId (void) const =0
SbBool isOfType (SoType type) const
void setXMLAttribute (const char *attribute, const char *value)
const char * getXMLAttribute (const char *attribute) const
virtual SbBool handleXMLAttributes (void)
virtual void setContainer (ScXMLObject *container)
ScXMLObject * getContainer (void) const
SbBool isContainedIn (const ScXMLObject *object) const

Static Public Member Functions

static SoType getClassTypeId (void)
static void initClass (void)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void registerClassType (const char *xmlns, const char *classname, SoType type)
static void registerInvokeClassType (const char *xmlns, const char *targettype, const char *source, SoType type)

Detailed Description

Base class for all SCXML objects.


Coin 3.0

Member Function Documentation

void ScXMLObject::setXMLAttribute (const char * attribute, const char * value)

This method associates a value with an attribute name. This is used for parameter passing while reading by the SCXML reader, but can be used as a general-purpose attribute dictionary outside of that.

If NULL is passed as the value, the attribute is removed.

const char * ScXMLObject::getXMLAttribute (const char * attribute) const

This method returns the string value set for an attribute, or NULL if not set.

SbBool ScXMLObject::handleXMLAttributes (void) [virtual]

This method is called when the file reader has set all the XML attributes on the object, and wants the object to handle them and report if the values were ok or if a read error should be produced.


TRUE if the attributes are ok, and FALSE on error.

This base class implementation does nothing and just returns TRUE.

Reimplemented in ScXMLInvoke.

void ScXMLObject::setContainer (ScXMLObject * container) [virtual]

Set the pointer to the parent ScXML object.

SbBool ScXMLObject::isContainedIn (const ScXMLObject * object) const

This method returns TRUE if the object is contained within the given object argument. Also if they are the same, TRUE will be returned. Otherwise, FALSE is retured.

void ScXMLObject::registerClassType (const char * xmlns, const char * classname, SoType type) [static], [protected]

Internal method. Friendly forwarding for ScXMLObject subclasses.

void ScXMLObject::registerInvokeClassType (const char * xmlns, const char * targettype, const char * source, SoType type) [static], [protected]

Internal method. Friendly forwarding for ScXMLObject subclasses.


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