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SbVec2ub —


#include <Inventor/SbVec2ub.h>

Public Member Functions

SbVec2ub (const uint8_t v[2])

SbVec2ub (uint8_t x, uint8_t y)

SbVec2ub (const SbVec2b &v)

SbVec2ub (const SbVec2us &v)

SbVec2ub (const SbVec2ui32 &v)

SbVec2ub & setValue (const uint8_t v[2])

SbVec2ub & setValue (uint8_t x, uint8_t y)

SbVec2ub & setValue (const SbVec2b &v)

SbVec2ub & setValue (const SbVec2us &v)

SbVec2ub & setValue (const SbVec2ui32 &v)

const uint8_t * getValue (void) const

void getValue (uint8_t &x, uint8_t &y) const

uint8_t & operator[] (int i)

const uint8_t & operator[] (int i) const

int32_t dot (SbVec2ub v) const

void negate (void)

SbVec2ub & operator*= (int d)

SbVec2ub & operator*= (double d)

SbVec2ub & operator/= (int d)

SbVec2ub & operator/= (double d)

SbVec2ub & operator+= (SbVec2ub v)

SbVec2ub & operator-= (SbVec2ub v)

SbVec2ub operator- (void) const

Protected Attributes

uint8_t vec [2]

Detailed Description


Coin 2.5


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Referenced By

SbVec2ub.3coin2(3) is an alias of SbVec2ub.3coin3(3).

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