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The SbPlaneProjector class projects 2D points to 3D points in a plane.


#include <Inventor/projectors/SbPlaneProjector.h>

Inherits SbProjector.

Public Member Functions

SbPlaneProjector (const SbBool orient=FALSE)
SbPlaneProjector (const SbPlane &plane, const SbBool orient=FALSE)
virtual SbProjector * copy (void) const
virtual SbVec3f project (const SbVec2f &point)
virtual SbBool tryProject (const SbVec2f &point, const float epsilon, SbVec3f &result)
void setPlane (const SbPlane &plane)
const SbPlane & getPlane (void) const
void setOrientToEye (const SbBool orienttoeye)
SbBool isOrientToEye (void) const
virtual SbVec3f getVector (const SbVec2f &viewpos1, const SbVec2f &viewpos2)
virtual SbVec3f getVector (const SbVec2f &viewpos)
void setStartPosition (const SbVec2f &viewpos)
void setStartPosition (const SbVec3f &point)

Public Member Functions inherited from SbProjector
virtual void setViewVolume (const SbViewVolume &vol)
const SbViewVolume & getViewVolume (void) const
virtual void setWorkingSpace (const SbMatrix &space)
const SbMatrix & getWorkingSpace (void) const

Protected Member Functions

void setupPlane (void)

Protected Member Functions inherited from SbProjector
SbProjector (void)
virtual ~SbProjector ()
SbLine getWorkingLine (const SbVec2f &point) const
float findVanishingDistance (void) const
SbBool verifyProjection (const SbVec3f &projpt) const

Protected Attributes

SbPlane plane
SbPlane nonOrientPlane
SbBool orientToEye
SbBool needSetup
SbVec3f lastPoint

Protected Attributes inherited from SbProjector
SbViewVolume viewVol
SbMatrix worldToWorking
SbMatrix workingToWorld

Detailed Description

The SbPlaneProjector class projects 2D points to 3D points in a plane.

The 3D projection of the 2D coordinates is for this projector class constrained to lie inside a predefined 3D plane.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SbPlaneProjector::SbPlaneProjector (const SbBool orient = FALSE)

Constructor. Sets up a projection plane parallel with the XY-plane in world coordinates.

SbPlaneProjector::SbPlaneProjector (const SbPlane & plane, const SbBool orient = FALSE)

Constructor taking an explicit projection plane definition.

Member Function Documentation

SbProjector * SbPlaneProjector::copy (void) const [virtual]

Construct and return a copy of this projector. The caller is responsible for destructing the new instance.

Note that if the Coin library has been built as a DLL under Microsoft Windows and you use this method from application code, you must make sure that both the Coin DLL and the application executable are using the same instance of a C Run-Time (CRT) library. Otherwise, you will get memory heap corruption upon deallocating the returned instances, eventually leading to mysterious crashes.

Implements SbProjector.

SbVec3f SbPlaneProjector::project (const SbVec2f & point) [virtual]

Projects 2D point into a 3D point within the current projection plane.

Implements SbProjector.

SbBool SbPlaneProjector::tryProject (const SbVec2f & point, const float epsilon, SbVec3f & result) [virtual]

Try projecting the 2D point from normalized viewport coordinates to a 3D point. The mapping will be done in accordance with the type of the projector.

If the projection can't be done safely (for instance when the projection plane or line is parallel to the view volume projection), this function should return FALSE.

Default implementation will call project() and always return TRUE, but subclasses can override this behavior to support safe projections.


Coin 3.0

Reimplemented from SbProjector.

void SbPlaneProjector::setPlane (const SbPlane & planeref)

Set a new projection plane.

const SbPlane & SbPlaneProjector::getPlane (void) const

Returns the current projection plane.

void SbPlaneProjector::setOrientToEye (const SbBool orienttoeye)

Sets whether or not the plane should always be oriented towards the 'eye' of the viewer.

SbBool SbPlaneProjector::isOrientToEye (void) const

Returns the state of the plane orientation flag.

SbVec3f SbPlaneProjector::getVector (const SbVec2f & viewpos1, const SbVec2f & viewpos2) [virtual]

Returns a vector between the projected 3D points of viewpos1 and viewpos2.

SbVec3f SbPlaneProjector::getVector (const SbVec2f & viewpos) [virtual]

Returns a vector between the last projected point and the projected 3D point of viewpos.

void SbPlaneProjector::setStartPosition (const SbVec2f & viewpos)

Explicitly set position of initial projection, so we get correct values for later calls to getVector() etc.

void SbPlaneProjector::setStartPosition (const SbVec3f & point)

Explicitly set position of initial projection, so we get correct values for later calls to getVector() etc.

void SbPlaneProjector::setupPlane (void) [protected]

Should be called whenever SbPlaneProjector::needSetup is TRUE. Will recalculate projection plane.

Member Data Documentation

SbPlaneProjector::plane [protected]

The projection plane.

SbPlaneProjector::nonOrientPlane [protected]

The 'original' plane which was set (as opposed to the recalculated projection plane according to the SbPlaneProjector::orientToEye setting).

SbPlaneProjector::orientToEye [protected]

Which direction the plane is oriented.

SbPlaneProjector::needSetup [protected]

Set to TRUE whenever the plane needs to be recalculated according to the setting of the SbPlaneProjector::orientToEye flag.

SbPlaneProjector::lastPoint [protected]

Stores the previously projected 3D point.


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