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The SbPlane class represents a plane in 3D space.


#include <Inventor/SbLinear.h>

Public Member Functions

SbPlane (void)
SbPlane (const SbVec3f &normal, const float D)
SbPlane (const SbVec3f &p0, const SbVec3f &p1, const SbVec3f &p2)
SbPlane (const SbVec3f &normal, const SbVec3f &point)
void offset (const float d)
SbBool intersect (const SbLine &l, SbVec3f &intersection) const
void transform (const SbMatrix &matrix)
SbBool isInHalfSpace (const SbVec3f &point) const
float getDistance (const SbVec3f &point) const
const SbVec3f & getNormal (void) const
float getDistanceFromOrigin (void) const
void print (FILE *file) const
SbBool intersect (const SbPlane &pl, SbLine &line) const

Detailed Description

The SbPlane class represents a plane in 3D space.

SbPlane is used by many other classes in Coin. It provides a way of representing a plane, specified by a plane normal vector and a distance from the origin of the coordinate system.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SbPlane::SbPlane (void)

An SbPlane instantiated with the default constructor will be uninitialized.

SbPlane::SbPlane (const SbVec3f & normalref, const float D)

Construct an SbPlane instance with a normal pointing in the given direction and the given shortest distance from the origin of the coordinate system to a point in the plane.

normal must not be a null vector.

SbPlane::SbPlane (const SbVec3f & p0, const SbVec3f & p1, const SbVec3f & p2)

Construct an SbPlane with three points laying in the plane. Make sure p0, p1 and p2 are actually three distinct points, not on a line, when using this constructor.

SbPlane::SbPlane (const SbVec3f & normalref, const SbVec3f & point)

Construct an SbPlane from a normal and a point laying in the plane.

normal must not be a null vector.

Member Function Documentation

void SbPlane::offset (const float d)

Add the given offset d to the plane distance from the origin.

SbBool SbPlane::intersect (const SbLine & l, SbVec3f & intersection) const

Find the point on given line l intersecting the plane and return it in intersection. If the line is parallel to the plane, we return FALSE, otherwise TRUE.

Do not pass an invalid line for the l parameter (i.e. with a null direction vector).

void SbPlane::transform (const SbMatrix & matrix)

Transform the plane by matrix.

See also


SbBool SbPlane::isInHalfSpace (const SbVec3f & point) const

Check if the given point lies in the halfspace of the plane which the plane normal vector is pointing.

float SbPlane::getDistance (const SbVec3f & point) const

Return the distance from point to plane. Positive distance means the point is in the plane's half space.

This method is an extension specific to Coin versus the original SGI Inventor API.

const SbVec3f & SbPlane::getNormal (void) const

Return the plane's normal vector, which indicates which direction the plane is oriented.

See also


float SbPlane::getDistanceFromOrigin (void) const

Return distance from origin of coordinate system to the point in the plane which is closest to the origin.

See also


void SbPlane::print (FILE * fp) const

Dump the state of this object to the file stream. Only works in debug version of library, method does nothing in an optimized build.

SbBool SbPlane::intersect (const SbPlane & pl, SbLine & line) const

Intersect this plane with pl, and return the resulting line in line. Returns TRUE if an intersection line can be found, and FALSE if the planes are parallel.

Please note that the resulting SbLine must be considered as a line intersecting the SbLine's origin, extending infinitely in both directions.

This function is an extension for Coin, and it is not available in the original SGI Open Inventor v2.1 API.


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