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SSL_SESSION_print.3ossl - Man Page

printf information about a session


 #include <openssl/ssl.h>

 int SSL_SESSION_print(BIO *fp, const SSL_SESSION *ses);
 int SSL_SESSION_print_fp(FILE *fp, const SSL_SESSION *ses);
 int SSL_SESSION_print_keylog(BIO *bp, const SSL_SESSION *x);


SSL_SESSION_print() prints summary information about the session provided in ses to the BIO fp.

SSL_SESSION_print_fp() does the same as SSL_SESSION_print() except it prints it to the FILE fp.

SSL_SESSION_print_keylog() prints session information to the provided BIO <bp> in NSS keylog format.

Return Values

SSL_SESSION_print(), SSL_SESSION_print_fp() and SSL_SESSION_print_keylog return 1 on success or 0 on error.

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Referenced By

The man pages SSL_SESSION_print_fp.3ossl(3) and SSL_SESSION_print_keylog.3ossl(3) are aliases of SSL_SESSION_print.3ossl(3).

2024-07-09 3.2.2 OpenSSL