SSL_SESSION_has_ticket.3ossl - Man Page

get details about the ticket associated with a session


 #include <openssl/ssl.h>

 int SSL_SESSION_has_ticket(const SSL_SESSION *s);
 unsigned long SSL_SESSION_get_ticket_lifetime_hint(const SSL_SESSION *s);
 void SSL_SESSION_get0_ticket(const SSL_SESSION *s, const unsigned char **tick,
                              size_t *len);


SSL_SESSION_has_ticket() returns 1 if there is a Session Ticket associated with this session, and 0 otherwise.

SSL_SESSION_get_ticket_lifetime_hint returns the lifetime hint in seconds associated with the session ticket.

SSL_SESSION_get0_ticket obtains a pointer to the ticket associated with a session. The length of the ticket is written to *len. If tick is non NULL then a pointer to the ticket is written to *tick. The pointer is only valid while the connection is in use. The session (and hence the ticket pointer) may also become invalid as a result of a call to SSL_CTX_flush_sessions().

Return Values

SSL_SESSION_has_ticket() returns 1 if session ticket exists or 0 otherwise.

SSL_SESSION_get_ticket_lifetime_hint() returns the number of seconds.

See Also

ssl(7), d2i_SSL_SESSION(3), SSL_SESSION_get_time(3), SSL_SESSION_free(3)


The SSL_SESSION_has_ticket(), SSL_SESSION_get_ticket_lifetime_hint() and SSL_SESSION_get0_ticket() functions were added in OpenSSL 1.1.0.

Referenced By

The man pages SSL_SESSION_get0_ticket.3ossl(3) and SSL_SESSION_get_ticket_lifetime_hint.3ossl(3) are aliases of SSL_SESSION_has_ticket.3ossl(3).

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