SSL_CONF_CTX_new.3ssl man page

SSL_CONF_CTX_new, SSL_CONF_CTX_free ā€” SSL configuration allocation functions


 #include <openssl/ssl.h>

 void SSL_CONF_CTX_free(SSL_CONF_CTX *cctx);


The function SSL_CONF_CTX_new() allocates and initialises an SSL_CONF_CTX structure for use with the SSL_CONF functions.

The function SSL_CONF_CTX_free() frees up the context cctx.

Return Values

SSL_CONF_CTX_new() returns either the newly allocated SSL_CONF_CTX structure or NULL if an error occurs.

SSL_CONF_CTX_free() does not return a value.

See Also

SSL_CONF_CTX_set_flags(3), SSL_CONF_CTX_set_ssl_ctx(3), SSL_CONF_CTX_set1_prefix(3), SSL_CONF_cmd(3), SSL_CONF_cmd_argv(3)


These functions were first added to OpenSSL 1.0.2

Referenced By

SSL_CONF_cmd.3ssl(3), SSL_CONF_cmd_argv.3ssl(3), SSL_CONF_CTX_set1_prefix.3ssl(3), SSL_CONF_CTX_set_flags.3ssl(3), SSL_CONF_CTX_set_ssl_ctx.3ssl(3), SSL_CTX_set1_sigalgs.3ssl(3).

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