SPI_connect - Man Page

connect a C function to the SPI manager


int SPI_connect(void)
int SPI_connect_ext(int options)


SPI_connect opens a connection from a C function invocation to the SPI manager. You must call this function if you want to execute commands through SPI. Some utility SPI functions can be called from unconnected C functions.

SPI_connect_ext does the same but has an argument that allows passing option flags. Currently, the following option values are available:


Sets the SPI connection to be nonatomic, which means that transaction control calls (SPI_commit, SPI_rollback) are allowed. Otherwise, calling those functions will result in an immediate error.

SPI_connect() is equivalent to SPI_connect_ext(0).

Return Value


on success


on error

Referenced By

The man page SPI_connect_ext(3) is an alias of SPI_connect(3).

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