SILLY_TGAImageContext - Man Page

Image Context for Targa image.


#include <SILLYTGAImageContext.h>

Inherits ImageContext.

Public Member Functions

bool flipVertically ()
Flip pixel ordering.
size_t getHeight () const
PixelFormat getPixelFormat () const
size_t getWidth () const
void setDestination (byte *pixels, size_t length, PixelFormat format)
Set the destination of the loading.
void setNextPixel (byte red, byte green, byte bleu, byte alpha)
Set the next pixel of the image.
TGAImageContext (size_t width, size_t height)

Protected Member Functions

void setHeight (size_t height)
void setWidth (size_t width)


class TGAImageLoader

Detailed Description

Image Context for Targa image.

Definition at line 42 of file SILLYTGAImageContext.h.

Member Function Documentation

bool flipVertically () [inherited]

Flip pixel ordering.


true on success false otherwise

Definition at line 45 of file SILLYImageContext.cpp.


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