SDL_SemValue - Man Page

Return the current value of a semaphore.


#include "SDL.h" #include "SDL/SDL_thread.h"

Uint32 SDL_SemValue(SDL_sem *sem);


SDL_SemValue() returns the current semaphore value from the semaphore pointed to by sem.

Return Value

Returns current value of the semaphore.


  sem_value = SDL_SemValue(my_sem);

See Also

SDL_CreateSemaphore, SDL_DestroySemaphore, SDL_SemWait, SDL_SemTryWait, SDL_SemWaitTimeout, SDL_SemPost

Referenced By

SDL_CreateSemaphore(3), SDL_DestroySemaphore(3), SDL_SemPost(3), SDL_SemTryWait(3), SDL_SemWait(3), SDL_SemWaitTimeout(3).

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