RTCRay.3embree3 - Man Page


RTCRay - single ray structure


#include <embree3/rtcore_ray.h>

struct RTC_ALIGN(16) RTCRay
  float org_x;        // x coordinate of ray origin
  float org_y;        // y coordinate of ray origin
  float org_z;        // z coordinate of ray origin
  float tnear;        // start of ray segment

  float dir_x;        // x coordinate of ray direction
  float dir_y;        // y coordinate of ray direction
  float dir_z;        // z coordinate of ray direction
  float time;         // time of this ray for motion blur

  float tfar;         // end of ray segment (set to hit distance)
  unsigned int mask;  // ray mask
  unsigned int id;    // ray ID
  unsigned int flags; // ray flags


The RTCRay structure defines the ray layout for a single ray. The ray contains the origin (org_x, org_y, org_z members), direction vector (dir_x, dir_y, dir_z members), and ray segment (tnear and tfar members). The ray direction does not have to be normalized, and only the parameter range specified by the tnear/tfar interval is considered valid.

The ray segment must be in the range [0, ∞], thus ranges that start behind the ray origin are not allowed, but ranges can reach to infinity. For rays inside a ray stream, tfar < tnear identifies an inactive ray.

The ray further contains a motion blur time in the range [0, 1] (time member), a ray mask (mask member), a ray ID (id member), and ray flags (flags member). The ray mask can be used to mask out some geometries for some rays (see rtcSetGeometryMask for more details). The ray ID can be used to identify a ray inside a callback function, even if the order of rays inside a ray packet or stream has changed. The ray flags are reserved.

The embree3/rtcore_ray.h header additionally defines the same ray structure in structure of array (SOA) layout for API functions accepting ray packets of size 4 (RTCRay4 type), size 8 (RTCRay8 type), and size 16 (RTCRay16 type). The header additionally defines an RTCRayNt template for ray packets of an arbitrary compile-time size.





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