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RTCHit.3embree3 - Man Page


RTCHit - single hit structure


#include <embree3/rtcore.h>

struct RTCHit
  float Ng_x;                                        // x coordinate of geometry normal
  float Ng_y;                                        // y coordinate of geometry normal
  float Ng_z;                                        // z coordinate of geometry normal

  float u;                                           // barycentric u coordinate of hit
  float v;                                           // barycentric v coordinate of hit

  unsigned int primID;                               // geometry ID
  unsigned int geomID;                               // primitive ID
  unsigned int instID[RTC_MAX_INSTANCE_LEVEL_COUNT]; // instance ID


The RTCHit type defines the type of a ray/primitive intersection result. The hit contains the unnormalized geometric normal in object space at the hit location (Ng_x, Ng_y, Ng_z members), the barycentric u/v coordinates of the hit (u and v members), as well as the primitive ID (primID member), geometry ID (geomID member), and instance ID stack (instID member) of the hit. The parametric intersection distance is not stored inside the hit, but stored inside the tfar member of the ray.

The embree3/rtcore_ray.h header additionally defines the same hit structure in structure of array (SOA) layout for hit packets of size 4 (RTCHit4 type), size 8 (RTCHit8 type), and size 16 (RTCHit16 type). The header additionally defines an RTCHitNt template for hit packets of an arbitrary compile-time size.



[RTCRay], [Multi-Level Instancing]


Embree Ray Tracing Kernels 3