QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas - Man Page

Base class of QwtPlotOpenGLCanvas and QwtPlotGLCanvas.


#include <qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.h>

Inherits QwtPlotAbstractCanvas.

Inherited by QwtPlotGLCanvas, and QwtPlotOpenGLCanvas.

Public Types

enum PaintAttribute { BackingStore = 1, ImmediatePaint = 8 }
Paint attributes.
typedef QFlags< PaintAttribute > PaintAttributes
Paint attributes.

Public Member Functions

QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas (QWidget *canvasWidget)
virtual ~QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas ()
void setPaintAttribute (PaintAttribute, bool on=true)
Changing the paint attributes.
bool testPaintAttribute (PaintAttribute) const
void setFrameStyle (int style)
int frameStyle () const
void setFrameShadow (QFrame::Shadow)
QFrame::Shadow frameShadow () const
void setFrameShape (QFrame::Shape)
QFrame::Shape frameShape () const
void setLineWidth (int)
int lineWidth () const
void setMidLineWidth (int)
int midLineWidth () const
int frameWidth () const
QRect frameRect () const
virtual void invalidateBackingStore ()=0
Invalidate the internal backing store.

Protected Member Functions

void replot ()
void draw (QPainter *)
Helper function for the derived plot canvas.

Detailed Description

Base class of QwtPlotOpenGLCanvas and QwtPlotGLCanvas.

Definition at line 87 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef QFlags<PaintAttribute > QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::PaintAttributes

Paint attributes. An ORed combination of PaintAttribute values.

Definition at line 122 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::PaintAttribute

Paint attributes. The default setting enables BackingStore and Opaque.

See also

setPaintAttribute(), testPaintAttribute()



Paint double buffered reusing the content of the pixmap buffer when possible. Using a backing store might improve the performance significantly, when working with widget overlays ( like rubber bands ). Disabling the cache might improve the performance for incremental paints (using QwtPlotDirectPainter ).

See also

backingStore(), invalidateBackingStore()


When ImmediatePaint is set replot() calls repaint() instead of update().

See also

replot(), QWidget::repaint(), QWidget::update()

Definition at line 97 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas (QWidget * canvasWidget) [explicit]



canvasWidget plot canvas widget

Definition at line 904 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

QRect QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::frameRect () const


The rectangle where the frame is drawn in.

Definition at line 1105 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

QFrame::Shadow QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::frameShadow () const


Frame shadow

See also

setFrameShadow(), QFrame::setFrameShadow()

Definition at line 1000 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

QFrame::Shape QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::frameShape () const


Frame shape

See also

setFrameShape(), QFrame::frameShape()

Definition at line 1020 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

int QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::frameStyle () const


The bitwise OR between a frameShape() and a frameShadow()

See also

setFrameStyle(), QFrame::frameStyle()

Definition at line 980 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

int QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::frameWidth () const


Frame width depending on the style, line width and midline width.

Definition at line 1084 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

int QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::lineWidth () const


Line width of the frame

See also

setLineWidth(), midLineWidth()

Definition at line 1048 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

int QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::midLineWidth () const


Midline width of the frame

See also

setMidLineWidth(), lineWidth()

Definition at line 1076 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

void QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::replot () [protected]

Invalidate the paint cache and repaint the canvas

See also


Definition at line 1093 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

void QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::setFrameShadow (QFrame::Shadow shadow)

Set the frame shadow


shadow Frame shadow

See also

frameShadow(), setFrameShape(), QFrame::setFrameShadow()

Definition at line 991 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

void QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::setFrameShape (QFrame::Shape shape)

Set the frame shape


shape Frame shape

See also

frameShape(), setFrameShadow(), QFrame::frameShape()

Definition at line 1011 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

void QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::setFrameStyle (int style)

Set the frame style


style The bitwise OR between a shape and a shadow.

See also

frameStyle(), QFrame::setFrameStyle(), setFrameShadow(), setFrameShape()

Definition at line 965 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

void QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::setLineWidth (int width)

Set the frame line width

The default line width is 2 pixels.


width Line width of the frame

See also

lineWidth(), setMidLineWidth()

Definition at line 1033 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

void QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::setMidLineWidth (int width)

Set the frame mid line width

The default midline width is 0 pixels.


width Midline width of the frame

See also

midLineWidth(), setLineWidth()

Definition at line 1061 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

void QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::setPaintAttribute (PaintAttribute attribute, bool on = true)

Changing the paint attributes.


attribute Paint attribute
on On/Off

See also


Definition at line 927 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.

bool QwtPlotAbstractGLCanvas::testPaintAttribute (PaintAttribute attribute) const

Test whether a paint attribute is enabled


attribute Paint attribute


true, when attribute is enabled

See also


Definition at line 952 of file qwt_plot_abstract_canvas.cpp.


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