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step_iterator< Iterator > — Iterator advancing in constant steps.  


#include <ql/utilities/steppingiterator.hpp>

Inherits iterator_adaptor< step_iterator< Iterator >, Iterator >.

Public Member Functions

step_iterator (const Iterator &base, Size step)
template<class OtherIterator > step_iterator (const step_iterator< OtherIterator > &i, typename boost::enable_if_convertible< OtherIterator, Iterator >::type *=0)
Size step () const
void increment ()
void decrement ()
void advance (typename super_t::difference_type n)
super_t::difference_type distance_to (const step_iterator &i) const

Detailed Description

template<class Iterator>

class QuantLib::step_iterator< Iterator >" Iterator advancing in constant steps.

This iterator advances an underlying random-access iterator in steps of $ n $ positions, where $ n $ is a positive integer given upon construction.


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Referenced By

The man pages decrement(3), distance_to(3), increment(3), make_step_iterator(3) and step_iterator(3) are aliases of QuantLib_step_iterator(3).

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