QuantLib_YoYInflationCapFloor_arguments man page

YoYInflationCapFloor::arguments — Arguments for YoY Inflation cap/floor calculation  


#include <ql/instruments/inflationcapfloor.hpp>

Inherits PricingEngine::arguments.

Public Member Functions

void validate () const

Public Attributes

YoYInflationCapFloor::Type type
boost::shared_ptr< YoYInflationIndex > index
Period observationLag
std::vector< Date > startDates
std::vector< Date > fixingDates
std::vector< Date > payDates
std::vector< Time > accrualTimes
std::vector< Rate > capRates
std::vector< Rate > floorRates
std::vector< Real > gearings
std::vector< Real > spreads
std::vector< Real > nominals

Detailed Description

Arguments for YoY Inflation cap/floor calculation


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