QuantLib_SphereCylinderOptimizer man page



#include <ql/math/optimization/spherecylinder.hpp>

Public Member Functions

SphereCylinderOptimizer (Real r, Real s, Real alpha, Real z1, Real z2, Real z3, Real zweight=1.0)
bool isIntersectionNonEmpty () const
void findClosest (Size maxIterations, Real tolerance, Real &y1, Real &y2, Real &y3) const
bool findByProjection (Real &y1, Real &y2, Real &y3) const

Detailed Description

the intersection may be empty!


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Referenced By

findByProjection(3), findClosest(3), isIntersectionNonEmpty(3) and SphereCylinderOptimizer(3) are aliases of QuantLib_SphereCylinderOptimizer(3).

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