QuantLib_SamplerVeryFastAnnealing man page

SamplerVeryFastAnnealing — Very Fast Annealing Sampler.  


#include <ql/experimental/math/hybridsimulatedannealingfunctors.hpp>

Public Member Functions

SamplerVeryFastAnnealing (unsigned long seed, const Array &lower, const Array &upper)
SamplerVeryFastAnnealing (const SamplerVeryFastAnnealing &sampler)
void operator() (Array &newPoint, const Array &currentPoint, const Array &temp) const

Detailed Description

Very Fast Annealing Sampler.

For consistency should be used with TemperatureVeryFastAnnealing. Requires that the parameter space be bounded above and below.


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Referenced By

SamplerVeryFastAnnealing(3) is an alias of QuantLib_SamplerVeryFastAnnealing(3).

Fri Feb 10 2017 Version 1.9.1 QuantLib