QuantLib_SVD man page

SVD — Singular value decomposition.  


#include <ql/math/matrixutilities/svd.hpp>

Public Member Functions

SVD (const Matrix &)
const Matrix & U () const
const Matrix & V () const
const Array & singularValues () const
Disposable< Matrix > S () const
Real norm2 () const
Real cond () const
Size rank () const
Disposable< Array > solveFor (const Array &) const

Detailed Description

Singular value decomposition.

Refer to Golub and Van Loan: Matrix computation, The Johns Hopkins University Press


the correctness of the returned values is tested by checking their properties.


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Referenced By

ncl_dandr(3), ncl_init3d(3), ncl_srface(3).

The man pages cond(3), norm2(3), S(3), singularValues(3), solveFor(3), SVD(3) and V(3) are aliases of QuantLib_SVD(3).

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