QuantLib_Quote man page

Quote — purely virtual base class for market observables  


#include <ql/quote.hpp>

Inherits Observable.

Inherited by CompositeQuote< BinaryFunction >, DeltaVolQuote, DerivedQuote< UnaryFunction >, EurodollarFuturesImpliedStdDevQuote, ForwardSwapQuote, ForwardValueQuote, FuturesConvAdjustmentQuote, ImpliedStdDevQuote, LastFixingQuote, RecoveryRateQuote, RendistatoEquivalentSwapLengthQuote, RendistatoEquivalentSwapSpreadQuote, and SimpleQuote.

Public Member Functions

virtual Real value () const =0
returns the current value
virtual bool isValid () const =0
returns true if the Quote holds a valid value

Detailed Description

purely virtual base class for market observables


the observability of class instances is tested.


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