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QuantoEngine< Instr, Engine > — Quanto engine.  


#include <ql/pricingengines/quanto/quantoengine.hpp>

Inherits GenericEngine< Instr::arguments, QuantoOptionResults< Instr::results > >.

Public Member Functions

QuantoEngine (const boost::shared_ptr< GeneralizedBlackScholesProcess > &, const Handle< YieldTermStructure > &foreignRiskFreeRate, const Handle< BlackVolTermStructure > &exchangeRateVolatility, const Handle< Quote > &correlation)
void calculate () const

Protected Attributes

boost::shared_ptr< GeneralizedBlackScholesProcess > process_
Handle< YieldTermStructure > foreignRiskFreeRate_
Handle< BlackVolTermStructure > exchangeRateVolatility_
Handle< Quote > correlation_

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

template<class Instr, class Engine>

class QuantLib::QuantoEngine< Instr, Engine >" Quanto engine.


for the time being, this engine will only work with simple Black-Scholes processes (i.e., no Merton.)

  • the correctness of the returned value is tested by reproducing results available in literature.
  • the correctness of the returned greeks is tested by reproducing numerical derivatives.


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