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Period —


#include <ql/time/period.hpp>

Public Member Functions

Period (Integer n, TimeUnit units)

Period (Frequency f)

Integer length () const

TimeUnit units () const

Frequency frequency () const

Period & operator+= (const Period &)

Period & operator-= (const Period &)

Period & operator/= (Integer)

void normalize ()

Detailed Description

This class provides a Period (length + TimeUnit) class and implements a limited algebra.


self-consistency of algebra is checked.

Examples: BermudanSwaption.cpp, Bonds.cpp, CallableBonds.cpp, ConvertibleBonds.cpp, FittedBondCurve.cpp, Repo.cpp, and swapvaluation.cpp.


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Referenced By

days(3), months(3), normalize(3), Period(3), units(3), weeks(3) and years(3) are aliases of QuantLib_Period(3).

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