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PathMultiAssetOption — Base class for path-dependent options on multiple assets.  


#include <ql/experimental/mcbasket/pathmultiassetoption.hpp>

Inherits Instrument.


class arguments
Arguments for multi-asset option calculation
class results
Results from multi-asset option calculation

Public Member Functions

PathMultiAssetOption (const boost::shared_ptr< PricingEngine > &engine=boost::shared_ptr< PricingEngine >())

Instrument interface

bool isExpired () const
returns whether the instrument might have value greater than zero.
void setupArguments (PricingEngine::arguments *) const
virtual boost::shared_ptr< PathPayoff > pathPayoff () const =0
virtual std::vector< Date > fixingDates () const =0
void setupExpired () const

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

Base class for path-dependent options on multiple assets.

Member Function Documentation

void setupArguments (PricingEngine::arguments *) const [virtual]

When a derived argument structure is defined for an instrument, this method should be overridden to fill it. This is mandatory in case a pricing engine is used.

Reimplemented from Instrument.

void setupExpired () const [protected], [virtual]

This method must leave the instrument in a consistent state when the expiration condition is met.

Reimplemented from Instrument.


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The man pages PathMultiAssetOption(3) and pathPayoff(3) are aliases of QuantLib_PathMultiAssetOption(3).

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