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Path — single-factor random walk  


#include <ql/methods/montecarlo/path.hpp>

Public Member Functions

Path (const TimeGrid &timeGrid, const Array &values=Array())


bool empty () const
Size length () const
Real operator[] (Size i) const
asset value at the $ i $-th point
Real at (Size i) const
Real & operator[] (Size i)
Real & at (Size i)
Real value (Size i) const
Real & value (Size i)
Time time (Size i) const
time at the $ i $-th point
Real front () const
initial asset value
Real & front ()
Real back () const
final asset value
Real & back ()
const TimeGrid & timeGrid () const
time grid


typedef Array::const_iterator iterator
typedef Array::const_reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
iterator begin () const
iterator end () const
reverse_iterator rbegin () const
reverse_iterator rend () const

Detailed Description

single-factor random walk


the path includes the initial asset value as its first point.

Examples: DiscreteHedging.cpp.


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