QuantLib_MultiProductOneStep man page

MultiProductOneStep — Single-step market-model product.  


#include <ql/models/marketmodels/products/multiproductonestep.hpp>

Inherits MarketModelMultiProduct.

Inherited by OneStepCoinitialSwaps, OneStepCoterminalSwaps, OneStepForwards, and OneStepOptionlets.

Public Member Functions

MultiProductOneStep (const std::vector< Time > &rateTimes)

MarketModelMultiProduct interface

const EvolutionDescription & evolution () const
std::vector< Size > suggestedNumeraires () const

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Time > rateTimes_
EvolutionDescription evolution_

Detailed Description

Single-step market-model product.

This is the abstract base class that encapsulates the notion of a MarketModelMultiProduct which can be evaluated in one step (aka Rebonato's very long jump).


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The man page MultiProductOneStep(3) is an alias of QuantLib_MultiProductOneStep(3).

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