QuantLib_MultiCubicSpline man page

MultiCubicSpline< i > — N-dimensional cubic spline interpolation between discrete points.  


#include <ql/math/interpolations/multicubicspline.hpp>

Public Types

typedef c_splint::argument_type argument_type
typedef c_splint::result_type result_type
typedef c_splint::data_table data_table
typedef c_splint::return_type return_type
typedef c_splint::output_data output_data
typedef c_splint::dimensions dimensions
typedef c_splint::data data

Public Member Functions

MultiCubicSpline (const SplineGrid &grid, const data_table &y, const std::vector< bool > &ae=std::vector< bool >(20, false))
result_type operator() (const argument_type &x) const
void set_shared_increments () const
void set_shared_coefficients (const argument_type &x) const

Detailed Description

template<Size i>

class QuantLib::MultiCubicSpline< i >" N-dimensional cubic spline interpolation between discrete points.


interpolated values are checked against the original function.


cannot interpolate at the grid points on the boundary surface of the N-dimensional region


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Referenced By

The man pages data_table(3), dimensions(3), MultiCubicSpline(3), output_data(3), return_type(3), set_shared_coefficients(3) and set_shared_increments(3) are aliases of QuantLib_MultiCubicSpline(3).

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