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MakeSchedule — helper class  


#include <ql/time/schedule.hpp>

Public Member Functions

MakeSchedule & from (const Date &effectiveDate)
MakeSchedule & to (const Date &terminationDate)
MakeSchedule & withTenor (const Period &)
MakeSchedule & withFrequency (Frequency)
MakeSchedule & withCalendar (const Calendar &)
MakeSchedule & withConvention (BusinessDayConvention)
MakeSchedule & withTerminationDateConvention (BusinessDayConvention)
MakeSchedule & withRule (DateGeneration::Rule)
MakeSchedule & forwards ()
MakeSchedule & backwards ()
MakeSchedule & endOfMonth (bool flag=true)
MakeSchedule & withFirstDate (const Date &d)
MakeSchedule & withNextToLastDate (const Date &d)
operator Schedule () const

Detailed Description

helper class

This class provides a more comfortable interface to the argument list of Schedule's constructor.

Examples: CDS.cpp.


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The man pages backwards(3), from(3), to(3) and withFrequency(3) are aliases of QuantLib_MakeSchedule(3).

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