QuantLib_LongstaffSchwartzMultiPathPricer man page

LongstaffSchwartzMultiPathPricer — Longstaff-Schwarz path pricer for early exercise options.  


#include <ql/experimental/mcbasket/longstaffschwartzmultipathpricer.hpp>

Inherits PathPricer< MultiPath >.

Public Member Functions

LongstaffSchwartzMultiPathPricer (const boost::shared_ptr< PathPayoff > &, const std::vector< Size > &, const std::vector< Handle< YieldTermStructure > > &, const Array &, Size, LsmBasisSystem::PolynomType)
Real operator() (const MultiPath &multiPath) const
virtual void calibrate ()

Protected Member Functions

PathInfo transformPath (const MultiPath &path) const

Protected Attributes

bool calibrationPhase_
const boost::shared_ptr< PathPayoff > payoff_
boost::scoped_array< Array > coeff_
boost::scoped_array< Real > lowerBounds_
const std::vector< Size > timePositions_
const std::vector< Handle< YieldTermStructure > > forwardTermStructures_
const Array dF_
std::vector< PathInfo > paths_
const std::vector< boost::function1< Real, Array > > v_

Detailed Description

Longstaff-Schwarz path pricer for early exercise options.


Francis Longstaff, Eduardo Schwartz, 2001. Valuing American Options by Simulation: A Simple Least-Squares Approach, The Review of Financial Studies, Volume 14, No. 1, 113-147


the correctness of the returned value is tested by reproducing results available in web/literature


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