QuantLib_InterpolatingCPICapFloorEngine man page



#include <ql/experimental/inflation/cpicapfloorengines.hpp>

Inherits CPICapFloor::engine.

Public Member Functions

InterpolatingCPICapFloorEngine (const Handle< CPICapFloorTermPriceSurface > &)
virtual void calculate () const
virtual std::string name () const

Protected Attributes

Handle< CPICapFloorTermPriceSurface > priceSurf_

Detailed Description

This engine only adds timing functionality (e.g. different lag) w.r.t. an existing interpolated price surface.


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Referenced By

The man pages InterpolatingCPICapFloorEngine(3) and priceSurf_(3) are aliases of QuantLib_InterpolatingCPICapFloorEngine(3).

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