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InterpolatedCurve< Interpolator > — Helper class to build interpolated term structures.  


#include <ql/termstructures/interpolatedcurve.hpp>

Inherited by InterpolatedYoYOptionletVolatilityCurve< Interpolator > [protected], InterpolatedDefaultDensityCurve< Interpolator > [protected], InterpolatedDiscountCurve< Interpolator > [protected], InterpolatedForwardCurve< Interpolator > [protected], InterpolatedHazardRateCurve< Interpolator > [protected], InterpolatedSurvivalProbabilityCurve< Interpolator > [protected], InterpolatedYoYInflationCurve< Interpolator > [protected], InterpolatedZeroCurve< Interpolator > [protected], and InterpolatedZeroInflationCurve< Interpolator > [protected].

Protected Member Functions

void setupInterpolation ()


InterpolatedCurve (const std::vector< Time > &times, const std::vector< Real > &data, const Interpolator &i=Interpolator())
InterpolatedCurve (const std::vector< Time > &times, const Interpolator &i=Interpolator())
InterpolatedCurve (Size n, const Interpolator &i=Interpolator())
InterpolatedCurve (const Interpolator &i=Interpolator())


InterpolatedCurve (const InterpolatedCurve &c)
InterpolatedCurve & operator= (const InterpolatedCurve &c)

Protected Attributes

std::vector< Time > times_
std::vector< Real > data_
Interpolation interpolation_
Interpolator interpolator_
Date maxDate_

Detailed Description

template<class Interpolator>

class QuantLib::InterpolatedCurve< Interpolator >" Helper class to build interpolated term structures.

Interpolated term structures can use proected or private inheritance from this class to obtain the relevant data members and implement correct copy behavior.


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The man pages InterpolatedCurve(3), maxDate_(3) and setupInterpolation(3) are aliases of QuantLib_InterpolatedCurve(3).

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