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GarmanKlassAbstract — Garman-Klass volatility model.


#include <ql/models/volatility/garmanklass.hpp>

Inherits LocalVolatilityEstimator< T >.

Inherited by GarmanKlassSigma4, GarmanKlassSigma5, GarmanKlassSimpleSigma, and ParkinsonSigma.

Public Member Functions

GarmanKlassAbstract (Real y)

TimeSeries< Volatility > calculate (const TimeSeries< IntervalPrice > &quoteSeries)

Protected Member Functions

virtual Real calculatePoint (const IntervalPrice &p)=0

Protected Attributes

Real yearFraction_

Detailed Description

Garman-Klass volatility model.

This class implements a concrete volatility model based on high low formulas using the method of Garman and Klass in their paper 'On the Estimation of the Security Price from Historical Data' at http://www.fea.com/resources/pdf/a_esti…

Volatilities are assumed to be expressed on an annual basis.


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Referenced By

calculatePoint(3), GarmanKlassAbstract(3) and yearFraction_(3) are aliases of QuantLib_GarmanKlassAbstract(3).

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