QuantLib_Error man page

Error — Base error class.  


#include <ql/errors.hpp>

Inherits exception.

Inherited by PastFixingsOnly.

Public Member Functions

Error (const std::string &file, long line, const std::string &functionName, const std::string &message='')
~Error ()  throw ()
const char * what () const  throw ()
returns the error message.

Detailed Description

Base error class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Error (const std::string & file, long line, const std::string & functionName, const std::string & message = '')

The explicit use of this constructor is not advised. Use the QL_FAIL macro instead.

~Error ()

the automatically generated destructor would not have the throw specifier.


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Referenced By

The man pages Error(3), _Error(3) and what(3) are aliases of QuantLib_Error(3).

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