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Currency — Currency specification  


#include <ql/currency.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

Currency ()
default constructor


const std::string & name () const
currency name, e.g, 'U.S. Dollar'
const std::string & code () const
ISO 4217 three-letter code, e.g, 'USD'.
Integer numericCode () const
ISO 4217 numeric code, e.g, '840'.
const std::string & symbol () const
symbol, e.g, '$'
const std::string & fractionSymbol () const
fraction symbol, e.g, '¢'
Integer fractionsPerUnit () const
number of fractionary parts in a unit, e.g, 100
const Rounding & rounding () const
rounding convention
std::string format () const
output format

Other information

bool empty () const
is this a usable instance?
const Currency & triangulationCurrency () const
currency used for triangulated exchange when required

Protected Attributes

boost::shared_ptr< Data > data_

Detailed Description

Currency specification

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Currency ()

default constructor Instances built via this constructor have undefined behavior. Such instances can only act as placeholders and must be reassigned to a valid currency before being used.

Member Function Documentation

std::string format () const

output format The format will be fed three positional parameters, namely, value, code, and symbol, in this order.


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Referenced By

The man pages Currency(3), fractionsPerUnit(3), fractionSymbol(3), numericCode(3), ql-format(3), rounding(3), symbol(3) and triangulationCurrency(3) are aliases of QuantLib_Currency(3).

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