QuantLib_Clone man page

Clone< T > — cloning proxy to an underlying object


#include <ql/utilities/clone.hpp>

Public Member Functions

Clone (std::auto_ptr< T >)

Clone (const T &)

Clone (const Clone< T > &)

Clone< T > & operator= (const T &)

Clone< T > & operator= (const Clone< T > &)

T & operator* () const

T * operator-> () const

bool empty () const

void swap (Clone< T > &t)

Detailed Description

template<class T>

class QuantLib::Clone< T >" cloning proxy to an underlying object

When copied, this class will make a clone of its underlying object (which must provide a clone() method returning a std::auto_ptr to a newly-allocated instance.)


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Referenced By

Clone(3) and operator-_(3) are aliases of QuantLib_Clone(3).

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